Getting your driver’s licence in Victoria means you have mastered skills that ensure your safety on the road. For now, you are allowed to drive only with someone who has a full driver’s licence in Australia or overseas equivalent. It is required for you to apply for a learner licence after finishing all necessary processes of getting your provisional licence.

Here are some steps to help you prepare for the driving learner’s test:

learners test in VICThe Learner’s Test – It’s time to register when you have your provisional licence. You can apply for the driving exam either through the VicRoads website or in person at an authorised VicRoads location. The early you book your appointment for the driving test, the earlier you will get to learn and practice with an approved instructor whose job is to prepare and teach learners test in VIC how to drive safely and properly on the road.

The Theory Test – You have to pass the so-called “theory” test as a step before you will be allowed on the road with your driving instructor. The good news is that study guides are available for those planning to take this exam. This is done online, too, and it’s required by law that all first-time licence applicants pass this exam. 

You can find some at most major bookstores around Australia, especially VicRoads locations. Remember that not all of these books contain information needed on the actual test. 

Practical Driving Test – Although you have already prepared yourself ahead on what would be asked of you during an actual driving test, it would be more helpful if you are already on familiar roads. The VicRoads website has information on locations of Victorian test centres, including maps to some of these locations. 

This is important, especially if you have not driven around the area before or do not have a car yet. You need to practice first to know exactly where to go and how to reach your destination without any trouble.

Lots of Practice Helps

It is most likely that you will not pass on your first attempt. But this will not be the end of it. As long as you have enough time and money for all these processes, then go ahead and apply again once you think you’re ready. Although learner drivers’ licences are only valid for up to two years, there is no limit to how many times you can take the test as long as it’s within those two years.

To pass this exam, it is important that you know all basic manoeuvres such as changing gears smoothly, turning corners safely and how to park without hitting anything around. The best way to prepare yourself is by training with an experienced driver or on simulators if there are any in your area. It may be useful to take some time preparing yourself enough so that when the day comes for your learners test in VIC, everything will be smooth sailing.