When purchasing mens leather shoes, you may have to choose among different types of material. There are several types of leather, such as calfskin, cowhide, and kangaroos. If you are unsure of the difference between each type, read this article to learn more. You can also choose to purchase these items separately. Read on for tips on selecting the perfect pair of leather shoes. Listed below are some examples of materials typically used for mens leather shoes.

Alligator leather

mens leather shoesMen’s alligator leather shoes may have different scale patterns. Some scales may be large and others small. Scales are arranged either diagonally or straight. Depending on the style of the men’s shoes, scale patterns may vary from one pair to another. Therefore, these shoes should be purchased in pairs for the best results. The best way to identify fakes is to look for the scale patterns on the shoe’s sole.

Buying mens leather shoes made from this material is excellent for any man. These shoes will stand up to heavy use and last you a long time. Slap Jack is a kid-favourite game that involves slapping the cards. Unlike traditional card games, this game requires little strategy, but it’s fast-paced and will certainly increase the energy level in the room.

A reader recently asked whether it’s acceptable to wear alligator skin men’s shoes to a meeting. The answer is that it’s fine if you’re a businessman, but you may face scrutiny if you’re wearing an alligator leather men’s shoe to a job that doesn’t involve fashion. So try a pair and compare the colour and shape if you’re unsure.

Cowhide leather

The leather used to make Men’s cowhide leather shoes is different from the leather used to make calfskin. Cowhide is thick and fibrous and goes through the same tanning process but is much stronger and durable. As a result, it is commonly used in boots and work shoes for rougher environments. Some brands even offer a vintage-style version, called Crazyhorse or Distressed, that features the leather rubbed with wax to give it a distressed look. The waxing process also makes the construction more waterproof and resistant to scuffs.

Calfskin leather

Choosing everflex.com.au calfskin leather men’s footwear can be a daunting task. The material is prone to scratches and scuffs but is easily covered with polishing and buffing. Calfskin is also dye-able, so you can find many different colour options. In addition, this leather is very flexible and conforms to your foot’s shape. So whether you’re looking for an athletic shoe or a stylish dress shoe, calfskin is an excellent choice.

The quality of calfskin leather men’s shoes depends on how the hide was processed. It is made from the skins of calves, which are famous for their grain and pliability. Therefore, the most durable calfskin leather men’s shoes are made with the skins of calves. However, it is worth noting that calfskin leather comes from rare animals and is often only found in high-end fashion.

The age of the animal determines the quality of calfskin leather. This material is slightly thicker than normal leather, but it has fewer imperfections than regular leather. The fine grain of calfskin makes it a desirable material for dress shoes, but it is still expensive. One calfskin hide can produce up to ten pairs of shoes. Calfskin men’s shoes are typically suede, calfskin, and other leather materials.

Kangaroos leather

The infamous kangaroo leather that makes up many men’s leather shoes comes from Australia, and its use is controversial. Environmental activists have criticised the practice, claiming that it causes the animals to suffer. While kangaroos are not endangered, leather is always derived from the carcass of another animal. For this reason, many brands choose to use kangaroo skin for their shoes.

The brand started in the early 1970s when Bob and his brother developed running shoes that featured the kangaroo as a logo. The first shoe to hit the market was the COMBAT, and in 1980 Bill Rogers ran the Boston City Marathon in it, setting an American record. The next year, the kangaroos brand entered the basketball industry, and the SKYWALKER was the sneaker of the decade.


While traditional men’s leather Chukkas from everflex.com.au are timeless and stylish, you might not realise they’re also environmentally conscious. Featuring a welted construction and eco-friendly features such as a recycled rubber outsole, men’s leather Chukkas are a great choice for today’s man looking to keep his style and budget in check. To see what makes a men’s leather Chukka special, read on!

The name “chukka” is believed to have come from the footwear worn by British polo players during colonial times. Although they are now worn by men everywhere, the polo players’ footwear is likely the reason for their popularity. Chukkas come in various materials and colours, but their thin laces and unlined leather are the most recognisable characteristic. To wear a pair of men’s leather chukka, make sure they’re in a colour that matches your clothing.

When pairing a pair of everflex.com.au men’s leather chukkas with pants, the most versatile option is a classic navy suit or khaki chinos. These are great for business casual occasions. Next, choose a pair that breaks higher and has narrower legs to dress them up. Whether dressing up for work or playing it down, chukkas have endless options.